What is a Back-Order/Pre-Order?

A back-order/pre-order refers to an item that is out of stock but will be coming back in stock as soon as the manufacturer can supply them. This allows our customers to save their “spot in line” for high-demand items.

How Does This Affect My Order?

  • Domestic Back-Orders/Pre-Orders: We ship all in-stock items right away. Once all your back-ordered/pre-ordered items become available, they will be shipped without additional shipping and handling charges.
  • International Back-Orders/Pre-Orders: International shipments must ship complete (all items from your order in a single box), so shipment will be delayed until all back-order/pre-order items arrive in stock. 


To eliminate any delays and have in-stock items shipped immediately, cancel out-of-stock items from your order, or place orders for the in-stock items and the back-ordered/pre-ordered items separately.


You can now check a backorder ETA on the order page in your customer account. 

Will Jenson USA Charge me for a Back-Ordered/Pre-Order Item? 

  • Debit/Credit: We do not charge debit/credit card orders until items are shipped. Your banking institution may show an authorization of funds, but no transaction has occurred until the item ships. If you cancel a back-ordered/pre-ordered item prior to shipment, no refund is necessary, and the authorization will fall off in 3-5 business days.
  • PayPal: Funds are charged in full upon checking out regardless of an item being in stock or back-ordered/pre-ordered. If you cancel a back-ordered/pre-order item prior to shipment, a refund will be issued in 7-10 business days.


We will cancel back-ordered/pre-ordered items from your order if they are discontinued by the manufacturer and will not be returning to stock.