How do I place an international order?

  • Add the item(s) to your shopping cart.
  • Under ‘Shipping Options’ select the destination country.
  • Click the red ‘GO’ box.
  • Click the red ‘CONTINUE TO CHECKOUT’ box.
  • If prompted, log in to your account. We recommend creating an account, or if you prefer you may check out as a guest.
  • Complete your shipping address information.
  • After clicking ‘SAVE & CONTINUE’ your delivery option(s) will be displayed.


  • We do not collect payment if your order is automatically canceled. Any pending charges on your online bank statement will drop off, this can take up to 2 weeks.
  • Some items like CO2 cartridges, liquid, chemicals, and lithium-ion batteries that power bike lights and other devices cannot be shipped via airplane. Please remove these items for shipping options to appear.
  • E-Bikes are not eligible to be shipped outside of the US.

Refused Orders:

  • If delivery cannot be completed for any reason, outside of our (Jenson USA) control, it will be returned to us. The following are a few reasons for incomplete delivery:
  1. Incorrect address     
  2. Failure to pay duties and taxes.            
  3. Illegal to import the items you have selected into your country.
  • The cost of returning an international shipment can be substantial, we urge you to make prompt arrangements to take delivery of the items you have ordered.
  • If a shipment is returned to us:
  1. You are responsible for the duties and taxes imposed by your government, as well as return freight. 
  2. The cost of return freight will be calculated at 125% of the amount of freight charged on the original shipment. 
  3. We will charge these fees to your credit card unless you contact us to make other arrangements.
  4. When the shipment is returned to Jenson USA, we will issue a refund for the merchandise only.