Our bike team builds, tests, and tunes each bike, so your new bike arrives fully ready to ride. 

Shipping & Delivery

Our bike box is designed to ensure the ultimate protection of your bike and the absolute minimum setup upon arrival. We use injection molding to create completely custom packaging to protect your new bike on its journey. Once your bike arrives, simply open the box, remove the protective foam pieces install your front wheel and your favorite pedals.

Mountain Bike Assembly Video

Road Bike Assembly Video What do I have to do to set up my bike when it arrives?

  1. Open the box.
  2. Remove injection-molded forms.
  3. Install front wheel and tighten skewer or thru-axle.*

*The front skewer is located in the New Bike Day bag for bikes with quick-release skewers.

** Larger bikes ship with the seatpost removed for safe shipping and can be installed after unpacking.

Do I need any special tools to assemble my bike?

No. You only need to install your front wheel and put on your favorite set of pedals.


Use a set of hex keys to make fit adjustments for your preference, typically a set of 4mm, 5mm, 6mm hex keys, and a T25 Torx wrench is all that is needed.

What if my bike isn't tuned or set up correctly upon delivery?

Call (951) 234-7554 to talk with a Gear Advisor Pro or submit a helpdesk ticket here.

What if my bike arrived damaged from shipping?

Submit a helpdesk ticket here and include photos of the damage and the packaging.