Does Jenson USA offer an Extended Warranty?

Yes. Jenson USA offers an extended warranty through Extend. Extend is the Service Provider for extended warranties.

Who insures the Protection Plan?

Extend works with a network of top-rated insurance companies to underwrite the protection plans we offer. 

Will you be charged for tax on Extended Warranties?

Possibly. Please see the attached file for the taxes charged on warranties per state. 

Why should I add Extend Protection?

Extend provides simple, peace-of-mind protection for the products you love. Extend bundles your product with an affordable, stress-free protection plan—so your product is covered, even after manufacturer warranties expire.

What if I need to return the product?

You return your product, Jenson USA returns the money you paid for the protection plan. It’s a no-brainer. Depending on how much time has passed since your purchase, Jenson USA will issue a pro-rated refund.

What do I need to do to file a claim?

Filing a claim is easy! Just go through our virtual claims specialist, Kaley, or the Gear Advisor team. When filing a claim with Extend, you will simply need to provide either your Extend contract ID, email address, or another identifying piece of information.


Can we add a warranty to a completed order?

No. You will need to cancel the completed order and place a new order including the warranty.

Who manages the Extend warranties?

Extend manages the warranties.

What does this accident protection cover? 

The coverage details can be found here

Who determines the warranty approvals?

Extend determines this.